Glitter PolkaDot Embellished Gift Box

I am weak for kraft gift boxes – I buy them whenever they go on a deal, and you can use them for tons of fun things – gifts, cookies for neighbors, whatever.  I like them because you can get crafty and spice them up however you’d like.  Today I added some glitter polkadots – so cute!

I got to try out the new Mod Podge Rocks Stencil line, and it was great. If you’ve ever tried to stencil with glitter, you know it can get crazy.  I’ve tried it before, and the glitter gets everywhere.  But with this the stencil is ADHESIVE, so no glitterly seepage.

It was a simple process – – first gather supplies:

Then pounce on the Mod Podge, all over the stencil:

Then cover in glitter (uh, I may have gone a little overboard)

 So I think you could do another way also – – pounce on the stencil, peel it off while the Mod Podge is wet, and then cover in glitter and let dry.

I let it dry then removed the stencil – I was pretty impressed to get such a crisp design with glitter:

Tie with string, and it’s ready to roll!!  You can check out all the stencil options HERE.

 (I was sent the stencil and glitter for this project).

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