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Hi Sugar Bee Readers!  It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma and I’m back here again to show you how to make these fun and super easy Pom Pom Love Monsters! Your kiddos will love them! 
 I went with hot pink/magenta and light pink colors to go along with all the Valentine day decor and projects floating around but you can obviously make these ANY color –perfect for boy or girl.  Although, my almost 3 year old ( where does the time go!) didn’t care at all that these little guys were pink.  He loves them!  For the past few days he has been walking around with his “monsters.” They have to go EVERYWHERE he goes.  Even to the potty! HA!
Small piece of scrapbook paper
Googly eyes
Hot glue gun
1. Wrap your yarn around your first three fingers and hold the end in place with your thumb.
2. Continue to wrap yarn around your finger(30-40 times). Make sure you don’t wrap too tightly!
3.  Slowly take the yarn off of your fingers.  Cut another 12 inch piece of yarn and slide it through the hole.
4. Tie your 12 inch piece of yarn in a knot to secure all the”wrapped” yarn.
5.  Cut the top of all the loops so you are left with a shaggy ball of yarn.
6. Cut and trim to desired size and shape.  Normally you would trim until it forms a perfect round shape, but I wanted the pieces to be a little uneven for a more monster look.
Next, all you need to do is cut out a small heart and hot glue your pom pom to it for the “feet” and hot glue your googly eyes! Be prepared to have these little monsters going everywhere your littles go :)
 I hope you will visit me over at Made to be a Momma for more fun and simple craft tutorials and yummy recipes!
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