Seafoam Seahorse Skirt

Are you here for cuteness today?!  Cause I’ve got it!

I am super excited to be part of the Sew all 26 series over at No Big Dill – Katy is sewing all 26 letters of the alphabet and every single creation is over-the-top amazing.  You have GOT to get over there and check out the awesomeness.  She’s one of my sewing idols and I can’t believe I get to play along today!  With the letter S – -

I have been wanting to try making a circle skirt out of bandanas, and I knew I wanted to make a Skirt for “S”, so I jumped right in!

First up, I dyed 4 white bandanas Seafoam – I got the color by mixing mostly teal with a dash of yellow – it was the perfect combo!

I ended up only using 3 bandanas for the skirt.  The premise of a circle skirt is that it’s one big piece of fabric, cut in a circle, and you cut the middle out to wear it.  So with the bandanas, you start with rectangles instead of a circle.  I layered them as shown for more texture to the skirt:

And then I folded it into 4ths and cut the middle out.  I actually ended up cutting it a little bigger than shown below – it all depends how big your kiddo is – it has to be able to fit them inside the cut-out:

I measured a piece of wide elastic around her, stretching just a little.  As you can see it’s slightly smaller than the hole…

So as you sew it on, along that inside hole edge, you’ll need to pull on/stretch the elastic to make it cover the edge of the whole circle.  Pulling the elastic while you sew it on will then make the fabric bunch up a little when it’s not stretched – kind of a gathered look to the waistband.  It will also make the skirt a little more full and fun.

The thing to remember is that the skirt will only be as long as half the circumference of the bandana – hence why I made this skirt for my niece who’s 18 months and the perfect height for it.

Of course I needed something “S” to go with the seafoam and the skirt.  I thought Seahorses were perfect.
oh, STAMPED Seahorses – that’s another S!
I simply used a stamp and craft paint mixed with fabric medium to stamp on basic leggings.  I searched everywhere and ended up buying the random stamp from Amazon.

 The black soaks up the color a little more than I’d like, but oh well.  As with stamping, some turned out better than others, but that just gives it personality.

For the seahorse on the shirt, I cut a template with my Silhouette and used it as a stencil.  I used this tulip paint, but since it was glow-in-the-dark (fun!) it was a little more opaque than I’d like.  I tried to make it really thick so it wasn’t so see-through.

The thickness actually made the seahorse seem to have scales, so that turned out pretty well.

 That’s it!  Make a circle bandana skirt to celebrate S, with a Seafoam Seahorse Skirt.  Enjoy!!

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    LOVE this idea Mandy & it turned out SEW adorable!!! Just curious, could the white elastic also be dyed to match whatever color the bandanas are going to be?

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