100 Days Cat Shirt – – and How to Replicate an Image

Hi Everyone – – I have a fun feature to tell you about on your Silhouette Machine if you haven’t use it before – the replicate button…  for when you need 100 cats…. (cause who doesn’t!!) – – and if you missed it early today, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY FOR A SILHOUETTE CAMEO – so get yourself over to that post, stat!

I know the 100th Day of School has probably already passed for you, but save this idea for next year – it’s a cute one!  A friend asked me about the best way to make a shirt with 100 cats (funny question, right?!).  Her daughter’s class was assigned to make a shirt for the 100th Day of School, and she really loves cats, so that was her idea to execute.  She wondered about maybe stamping on 100 cats, etc.  My first instinct was Heat Transfer Vinyl – you know I just love how easy it is!  (side note, I think the best place to buy heat transfer vinyl is Expressions Vinyl – sometimes I find it on deal sites, but otherwise my main place I buy it and all my other vinyl is Expressions Vinyl, affiliate link, but true)

So today I want to show you how to replicate using your Silhouette Studio software.  It’s easier than you think and you don’t have to copy and paste 99 times.

But first, a quick refresher – you can trace any image with your software.  I just googled “cat silhouette” and found one I liked (who knew there were so many!) and pasted it into my software.  I hit the trace button on the top toolbar (see the top arrow pointing at it) to open up the tracing features.  Then you drag a box around what you want to trace and click “trace” (see the second arrow pointing at it) – that’s it!  Drag away your image and the traced outline is left as a cutting line.

Okay, now that you have your image, let’s replicate it.  Click the replicate button in the toolbar (top arrow if pointing to it) to open the replicating screen and options.  Have your image selected.  Then you can choose several ways to copy it – I wanted to fill the page, so that’s the option I picked (see bottom arrow).

And bam – – it does all the work for you!!

We cut 50 cats for the front and 50 cats for the back.  But of course couldn’t leave well enough alone and added some text “Anna is a Cool Cat” (cut with GLITTER heat transfer vinyl – probably my favorite!) and we even replaced one of the regular cats to be a glitter cat.  Fun, right?!

 I have lots more Silhouette Cameo/Portrait tutorials and ideas! Check them out!

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