Adult Skirts into Little Girl Skirts

I absolutely love refashions.  There is something super amazing about taking something that’s being discarded and giving it a whole new life.  Some refashions can be pretty involved, but I love the simple ones the most. And this is no exception – big skirts to little girl skirt/dress:

Skirts are SO easy to refashion – if you’ve never sewed in your life, you can do this.  So easy that I forgot to take any tutorial pictures – it’s a 2 minute project.  First up, the chambray skirt…  it was my sister-in-laws, and she wasn’t loving it anymore and was in her giveaway pile.  I snatched it up knowing it would be cute on my girls.  I simply turned it inside-out and sewed up one side seam, taking the skirt in a couple of inches.  That was it – one seam!  Here’s looking down on it:

Next up, the Maxi Dress that my older daughter is wearing – I found a skirt at the thrift store and fell in love with the super fun fabric.  It was way too big for her, but I just took in the waist (like above) and she wore it up around her ribcage as a maxi dress.  A win for sure!

So if you’re ever looking for a place to get started with refashions, try skirts – it doesn’t get any easier!  Both of these had an elastic waistband, which is more forgiving to refashion, but anything should work.  Good luck!

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