DIY Painted Canvas Shoes

Hi everyone! My name is Angela and i’m excited to be a style contributor here at sugarbee crafts. At my blog, Handmade in the Heartland, i show recipes, crafts and DIY projects, parenting tips, home decor ideas, lots of dessert recipes and the occasional fashion post. I’d love for you to pop over and see my blog. I’m very excited to show you these fun spring DIY painted canvas shoes.  Lets get going…

DIY Painted Canvas Shoes
DIY Painted Canvas Shoes
Canvas shoes (i picked mine up at walmart!)
Craft Paint- i used Martha Stewart Yellow Gold & Melon
Cutting machine (such as the silhouette cameo) to make a stencil
vinyl (to cut to make the stencil)
The first step to this project is to decide on the design you want to paint on your shoes.  At first i just wanted gold stripes but then after painting them i decided it wasn’t interesting enough so added a diamond stencil on top of the stripes.  I love the layered effect of the print and how they turned out! 
DIY Painted Canvas Shoes
To paint the gold “stripes” i used the design of the shoe to help me define my lines.  The toe of the shoe had a seam going across so i used that as my first stopping point and painted the entire toe gold.  Then i measured 1 1/4″ down from that seam and drew hash marks.  I painted from the hash marks to the seam at the side of the food.  I did not paint the elastic at the top of the shoe.  I also painted the heel gold. 
DIY Painted Canvas Shoes
When i realized that the gold stripes weren’t enough i busted out my trusty friend the silhouette cameo and cut a diamond stencil out of vinyl.  The vinyl is tricky because it doesn’t stick super tight to the canvas so i had to really push down around each diamond before i painted over it and still some paint leaked on a few diamonds, but its ok, i’m not a perfectionist :). 
DIY Painted Canvas Shoes
If you decide to paint stripes i would highly recommend using painters tape and taping off where you want your lines to be, i was out so i freehanded, but its so much crisper if you use the tape.  I think these add just enough spring to an outfit- as you can see my from my outfit we are still having quite a few chilly days here so adding spring colors helps my mood!  
DIY Painted Canvas Shoes
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