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Yes, I made a whole cake just so I could make a Glitter Mini Banner for it.  And it was worth it – – so cute!!

I love cute and easy and simple crafts – this is perfect!!  And you should so the glittery awesomeness in person – so much sparkle! And I have a how-to tutorial on making this – it'll just take a few minutes.

Do you want to know the secret on how to easily get so much sparkly glitter?  I mean, EASY.  No gluing, no flaking, no glitter mess.  It's a dream – Duck Brand Craft Tapes

I wish you could see it in person – here's the back side – it shows the glitter too!  It's like the glitter is embedded, but you still get great glitter texture on it.  So cool.

Duck Fabric Crafting Tapes allow crafters to add texture to any project without having to use a separate glue or adhesive. Duck Glitter Crafting Tapes have a Cool Glitter effect — glitter does not flake off!  Durable film technology. Fun, bright colors – Pink , Aqua, Silver, and Red. 

I went with silver for this project – you can't go wrong with it. On to the tutorial!

First you'll need some twine, Duck Glitter Crafting Tape, and scissors – that's it (see, I told you this would be easy).

Cut strips of tape to desired length.  (it's double the length of the little pennant).  I also cut mine in half width-wise.  They were all the same size, laid out sticky side up.

Then simply place the twine in the middle and fold the tape on top of itself.  It's really that easy.  Cut a triangle out of the bottom of each rectangle as shown:

That's it to make the banner!  It would be cute in a frame, over a mirror, etc – possibilities are endless.  I thought it would be a perfect cake topper.  To top a cake with the banner, I used two fun straws as "poles" – I cut a small slit in the top of each straw and put the twine in the slit to hold it in place:

 I used silver sprinkles on the cake to mimic the glitter in the banner.  I wasn't sure how to attach sprinkles to the side of a cake, so if you have hints on that let me know.  I stuck the sprinkles to my finger and then pressed my finger on the side of the cake and the sprinkles transferred to the cake that way.  But surely there's an easier way?

 I love that the banner took me about 5 minutes to make – perfect!!  and it's SO CUTE.  And if you love sparkle and glitter, get some Duck Brand Glitter Tape – it's really cool.

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