Farm Tour (and GIVEAWAY) with Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Soybean

About a week ago I was able to attend a great blogging event with Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Soybean.  We learned more about their organizations then took a tour of a local farm and had lunch at a local farm-to-table restaurant.  The event was well done and gave some great insights into what is behind our food.  I was able to try out a basket full of ah-mazing goodies from Kansas and I have a loaded box (worth over $100) for one lucky reader!  Giveaway is on down….

First up we toured the Tuttle family farm – it was fascinating!  I loved seeing a glimpse into where our food comes from.  Love to see how in our country we have choices to make about where our food comes from, and that there is a farmer behind that food production.  Spoiler alert, but we recently bought some land – not that we’ll become farmers, but this tour made me really excited about the idea of land and having a few animals, etc.

The Tuttles main crops are hay, corn, soybeans and wheat for animal feed.  It was sad to realize that I didn’t even recognize soybeans!  Good thing they had harvest out for us to see and touch.

They also have cattle and some “just for fun” animals like chickens and goats and rabbits.  Their nieces take care of the chickens and goats and rabbits – I love that everyone is involved.  The girls are also raising a bucket calf for 4H.  Who knew baby cows were so cute!

The baby goats loved the attention of our tour!  I only had my phone out for pictures of them – -

“People have the right to make food choices that best fit their personal needs and household budgets. For agriculture to provide healthy choices for all Americans as well as people around the world, we need all types of farms and ranches – big and small, organic and conventional, rural and urban.
Connect with a local farmer whether that’s through the farmer’s market, a county Farm Bureau, or contacting your local research and extension office. Ask questions and learn about your food!”

The group I was lucky enough to spend the day with, including bloggers Annie of MamaDweeb and Angela of Handmade in the Heartland.

 Renee Kelly’s Harvest:

Next on the agenda for the event, we attended Renee Kelly’s Harvest.  It is a farm-to-table restaurant in a charming old castle.  The restaurant only uses local, farmer-grown ingredients and the wait staff even tours local farms so they can know more about where the food comes from.   Because of ever-changing seasons and harvests, in the summer the menu changes as often as every two weeks!  How fun is that – every time you come, you have a whole new list of options to choose from.  Wow.

 The food was ah-mazing!  We had appetizers of local cheeses and sweet potato fries.  The chef spoke to our tour and she was super passionate about local-grown food and the basics of food and enjoying it.

Living here in America, we have so many options when it comes to our food.  We get to make the choice in what we eat and what we serve our families.  I loved this chance to connect with farmers and to know that even restaurants can choose to look for local organic food items.  

I want to give you a little taste of things that are made in Kansas – – this box is STUFFED with goodies!  Worth over $100.

To enter the giveaway, use Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

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    I was born and raised in Kansas. Yes I’m a Jayhawk, glad you had a great tour. Sometimes I wish I were still there at least till I see the weather forecast.


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