We were involved in a super fun project – – #HappinessFloats!  The #HappinessFloats Movement brings sunshines during the winter months, when everyone needs a little bit of fun.  I can’t think of anything more basic to bring fun and a smile to a day like a balloon.

I knew immediately that I wanted to involve my kids in this project.  I love opportunities to teach them service and fun and how to spread happiness to those around us.  A great activity for a day off of school.

They were excited to see that you can fill balloons with helium at home – so cool!!  Just grab a tank from Balloon Time (we found ours at Walmart).

Then we wrote uplifting and encouraging words on the balloons.  They thought of a big list of words and we wrote them, one on each balloon, with a silver marker.  Things like “hope, smile, shine, dream big, awesome” etc.  And then we piled in the car with about a gazillion balloons and list of stops to make.

We opted to do the “knock and run” version – – we love that!!  It just makes it extra fun to deliver and receive.  I’m sure most people found us out, but that’s okay, it’s still fun!

And we put together a quick video (it’s only about a minute long) about the experience – hope you enjoy it!!

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