Make Extra Money! I love Paparazzi Accessories.

As it’s tax season, I just wanted to pop in and remind you….  take that Tax Return, and turn it into a profitable business for yourself!

For all you who love accessories and whom might be looking for ways to earn some extra income… Did you know that I’m a Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories??  It’s true!  What sold me on joining?  the price – everything is $5!  I know that is something that I would buy myself, and love.
I really LOVE it — I’m super thrifty and always looking for a deal – – the accessories I sell are $5.  SERIOUSLY!  So I love being able to offer that amazing deal to people.  Bring them cute accessories (like necklace sets and headbands and chunky bracelets) at an affordable price.  I don’t have to “sell” the jewelry  – there’s no sales pitch when it’s super cute and only $5 – people just flock to it!  I’ve been doing this about 2.5 years, so you know it’s great because I’m still on board.

With spring on it’s way, everyone wants a few cute accessories to top off their spring outfits:
$5 Paparazzi Accessories - perfect for any outfit

Anyways, I have fun with it and am able to make money.  As a consultant, you make 45% on what you sell - isn’t that great?!  So say I have a party from 6:30 til 8pm and sell $300 – that’s $135 profit, which means about $90 an hour.  How about that pay rate!

I have an amazing team, Sugar Bee Bling – they do great things with Paparazzi.  It has been able to change some people’s lives – the opportunity to make extra income is a big deal.  My team is nation-wide.  I support via calls and emails and video chats and a support blog.  If you are interested in the opportunity to sell Paparazzi Accessories, I’d love to have you on my team.

Paparazzi Accessories Consultant 1768

Take your tax refund and put it to work for you.  Invest in your financial future.

I have a separate blog for my Paparazzi Business – – it supports my team but it also has info for anyone interested to learn more about it – -
You can Read All About:
My Paparazzi Story
My Paparazzi Team – Sugar Bee Bling
Why to Join Paparazzi

I am consultant #1768 and you can check out the corporate page HERE.

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