Pi Day – coming up!!

Do you know what Pi Day is??  If you do, welcome to geekdom :)   For those non-nerds, you may remember that the number “pi” is 3.14 (and on and on) and so math-types like to celebrate Pi on March 14th – you know, 3.14 – – get it?  And even funner, mirror 3.14 and it spells “pie”.  Yes, that’s fun!  And it’s coming up later this week – – -

   "Simplifying Radicals" High School Math Blog

while you read this post, open up the link to the Pi Number Song so it’ll play in the background

And side note, these quote images are from the site RoadKill T-shirts – there are tons of funny ones – I browsed for way too long…here are a few geeky ones that stood out to me:

More fun for Pi Day – -

Here’s some I made last year, key lime and peanut butter (obviously it’s easier to buy one)

This Pi Belt from Helping Little Hands has been on my-to list forever -

I made Trevor a Pi Shirt, he for sure needs the belt, right?  Maybe I’ll make it today to celebrate:

Grab this necklace from Boutique Academia:
Make Pi Boxes for Pie – tutorial at Tally’s Treasury:

Check out this Pi Pie Trivet from Evil Mad Scientist:

Pi (squared) trivet - 9

Pi in the Oven Shirt from Pieces by Polly (she actually has TONS of Pi shirts – check them all out here)

Or grab these pi earrings from NerdGoddess Etsy Shop

Pi and Cherry Pie Earrings

Or another Pi Shirt DIY, this time from Doodle Craft:

Do you love Pi Day?  Have any pi related projects?  Let me know!

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Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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