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Hi friends!  It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma.  I love how St.Patricks Day forces us to think of color!  I don’t know about you, but I am sick of seeing white everyday! I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania and we have definitely had our fair share of snow this year!  In order to add a little color to our life.  I recently made some fun rainbow swirl waffles for my son and they were a huge hit!
I actually don’t even have step by step pictures because:
 1. You don’t really need it.  This is so simple to do!
 2. If you have ever made waffles before, you know that once you start pouring the batter it starts to sizzle and cook.  I didn’t have time to fool around trying to take the perfect picture in my kitchen :) with kids screaming at me because they are hungry. ( That’s an all too familiar picture for you isn’t it? )
All you need is your favorite waffle recipe and food coloring.  I used THIS Belgian waffle recipe from Bakerette.  Delicious!
Separate your waffle batter into small bowls. Add a drop or two of your desired food coloring color into each bowl.  Pour alternating colored batter on your waffle iron.  Swirl colors with a spoon if necessary.  Cook until waffle is golden brown.
Jacob loved eating his purple and blue waffles!  These are perfect for a St. Patricks Day party or to just add a little bit of fun to everyday!
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