Realistically Build a Dessert Table

It’s me, Katie from Tied Ribbon again! Did you guys miss me yet?! 
I’m back already & today I am getting real with you….real about dessert tables. You know those fancy ones parties always have now-a-days & no real sane person could possibly put together on their own?! I’m going to show you how. Step by step…we’ll do it! So grab a pen & paper & let’s get started!
For the example I’m going to use I choose something simple. Rainbow. ROYGBP.
Choose a character, a movie, unicorns…then pick a color palette (2 or 3 preferably with 1 or 2 “accent” or neutral colors)  Focus on them. Pin-search for inspiration & printables!
Remember those fancy-shmancy pin-worthy dessert tables I mentioned earlier? Spoiler alert: there isn’t one person slaving away for a week making all that goodness- more often than not it’s multiple bakeries! So think realistically on what you have time/patience to make & plan ahead to. (or ask some friends or family for help!)
I have a few lovely serving trays/plates/cake stands I pulled from for my dessert table. If you don’t search places like thrift stores, Target & Hobby Lobby for some! 
After you get your dishes, decide on which of your treats would look best on which dish. Don’t worry- you can change your mind!
A day or two before your party, lay everything out. You may decide you want to add something or change what treat goes on what tray.  Step back often to look at the table as a whole. Research different dessert table set-ups.  Pay attention to height levels, food colors, & accessibility.  

Most importantly remember that soon people will be more interested in eating the delicious goodness you made & you’ll be having a great time…so don’t drive yourself too crazy trying to live up to those 100 dollar dessert tables! 

Happy Party-ing & be sure to stop by Tied Ribbon to say Hi & check out my all other DIY’s!
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    GREAT post and thank you for helping me with ideas as well as the ‘reality’ of it all – I can breathe and do a fabulous table with your tutoring here. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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