Rolled Paper Beads Bracelet (a how-to tutorial)

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I am super excited about the project I’m showing you today – it turned out just as awesome as I pictured it.  I made paper beads using just a few supplies I’m sure you have on hand.  And I even pushed myself a little to aim for Pastel Colors instead of the crazy brights I tend towards.
Did you ever make magazine beads as a kid?  I used to love making them – obviously I still do.  
What you’ll need for the beads:
–paper (or magazine page)
–glue – I used Elmer’s fine glue pen
–clear glaze (optional)
And then to make it into a bracelet you’ll need:
–elastic cording or thin wire
–bracelet clasp
–accent beads

First mark the edge of your paper – then mark the opposite edge. Use the width that you would like your beads.  Mine are 1/2 inch.

Then connect the lines – kind of hard to see in the picture below, but basically it makes a template for a bunch of strips of paper that are 1/2 in wide.  Cut along those lines to cut your strips.

Next up is the rolling part.  Basically you cut the strip along the diagonal, then place a line of glue all the way down and roll from the wide side to the skinny side.  I thought the best way to show you this step was a short video:

Alrighty, now they’re all rolled and ready – so pretty:

This next step is optional, and you probably don’t need it if you’re using a magazine page, but I wanted my beads to be glossy and seal in the paper, so I stuck them on a toothpick and painted a quick coat of clear glaze on the outside.

My helper, setting them all out to dry:

Once they’re dry, it’s time to assemble the bracelet.  I went with a 2 strand bracelet; simply tie the string on to the clasp and slide the beads on however you’d like them, then tie it to the other part of the clasp when it’s the correct size.

Wrist Selfie:

Love that it pulls all the colors from the paper but isn’t too crazy:

And here are some other images – I couldn’t decide if a dark background or a light one was better, so I gave ya both to ponder:

Enjoy making rolled paper beads – I know I do!  It’s one of those simple crafts that is just fun to do.

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    • Mollie says

      These are gorgeous, Mandy! Do you have any pointers for keeping your beads so centered and uniform? I know practice will help but for now mine keep “inclining” towards one side or the other. When you do your initial roll around the toothpick, is the paper rolled perfectly straight across or at an angle? It happens too fast in the video for me to tell for certain. Thanks for such a great tutorial!

      • says

        I’m thinking the large edge is at an angle becuase of the way I cut the strips, so when I roll it around the toothpick, it’s angled a little, I think! And yep, it’s just practicing – you’ll get it!

  1. says

    Great tutorial! These are so lovely. I love paper beads. I like them so much that I have purchased several pieces made with paper beads. My only question is what kind of glaze are you using?


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