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Happy What I Wore Wednesday!  You may have noticed that I’ve been doing “What I Wore” posts again occasionally – I can’t stay away!  But you may have also noticed that with What I Wore I’m focusing on some things that I “crafted”, you know, to stick with the theme of the blog and all.

 There is this discount store called “Name Brand Clothing” or “1/2 of 1/2″, and we call it “NBC”, so it’s confusing because it has 3 names.  Anyways, they sell things that are left over from department stores – so the items are high quality and name brand, but it’s a lot of things that are returned, things that got holes in the store, etc.  So you really have to watch what you find.  But if you’re handy with fixing things, you can get great deals – like my Minnetonka Moccasins I bought for $1!

I found this skirt, for just $3.  Normally I gravitate towards the $1 items, but I just loved the black and white and the trellis pattern.  It has a great fit and flare, and even has welted pockets!  You can tell it’s high quality.  The downside – it had a broken zipper.  I’ve never replaced a zipper before, but I thought the attempt was worth the $3 risk.

So I did – – and I don’t know if I did it right, but it looks pretty good and works and only took me about 20 minutes (most of that unpicking the seam in the lining).

The possibilities are endless for what fun colors you can pair with a black and white skirt, but I guess I was in a black and white mood when I wore it, because I stuck to that color palette.  I did have questions on what shoes to wear, but you helped with that by chiming in on Instagram:

And I ended up with the wedges, to show off the fun tights.  Which might have been a little much with the patterned tights and pattered skirt, but oh well!

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    You’re so creative! I love it! And I like the Instagram photo w/2 shoes…which reminds me–I need to find you on Instagram! Happy Hump Day!

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