Banana Peanut Butter Bites

The one question (actually there are problem a bunch more…) that drives me crazy: “what’s for snack?” – – ugh!  I should be able to anticipate it – it’s the first thing they ask when they walk in from school, etc, but it’s still a big struggle for me.  So if you have any ideas for super fun, super easy, super cute snacks, list them in the comments – I need more ideas!

So, with that in mind, we were watching PBS Kids during spring break and before each show they have a “fun craft idea” and it was bananas on a stick.  And the kids wanted to make it – because they always want to make whatever is shown – and I normally don’t go for it, but I thought why not.  So we made them, and I stuck a pic of the treat on instagram:

And you were all LOVING it.  And I thought – time to step it up a notch.  If it’s bananas on a stick you want, then game on.

Cuter, right?!  And get this – same amount of time to make.  Yep.  You’re welcome :)  And I even have a tutorial for you…

You’ll need:
–Peanut Butter
–Banana, cut into slices as shown
–mini chocolate chips
–sprinkles (if you’re fun)
–mini popsicle sticks
–hungry kids

To make them, put a glob of peanut butter on top of a banana slice.  Top with chocolate chips and sprinkles.  Insert popsicle stick.  Pat yourself on the back for being awesome.  End tutorial.

 And watch them get devoured:

 So, that’s my one snack tip for you.  Now, what do you have for me???

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