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Hi friends!  It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma stopping in!  Can you believe Easter is only a few weeks away? Do you have an annual Easter egg hunt?  My mom has one every year and it’s so fun having two boys that can now join in the fun!

I have a super cute and simple kids project for you to do today.  If your kids are smaller you will have to do it for them and they can enjoy your hard work :) My oldest son is only 3 but he helped me pick out the bunny he wanted and rubbing the chalk on the bunny once it was dried.   If your kids are a little bit older this will be a perfect project for them!

Tin Buckets ( I found these at Target for $3)
Chalkboard Paint
Bunny Template 
Ribbon or other embellishments
First, find an Easter template that you want to use.  I googled “Easter bunny template” and a whole bunch of them came up!  I picked two different bunny templates for my two boys.  If you have a cutting machine ( I am jealous of you!) then you might be able to find a template on that program and make a stencil that way.  If you don’t you will have to do what I did and print the template, cut it out and tape it as best as you can to the tin buckets. 
Using an all surface chalkboard paint, fill in your stencil ( I used a sponge to get a “rustic” not perfect look) then remove the stencil.  Follow the directions of your paint bottle for drying instructions.  Once your paint is cured lightly rub chalk over the bunny area.  Wipe clean.
I personalized the two buckets by putting my two boys initials on them. 
 I added some fun ribbon to the side of the tin bucket. 

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