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Hi Sugar Bee Friends!  It’s Ariean from One Krieger Chick again to share how I decorate…The One Krieger Chick way.

Wanna know my secret…Decorate With What You Love.

Yep. That’s it.

I have a very signature style…ask anyone who has been to my home.  It’s a little country with pops of  color, antiques mixed with current pieces…and a whole lotta ME!Decorating-the-One-Krieger-Chick-way-sharing-my-tips-for-making-your-house-a-home

If you LOVE it, it will work…

Just because it is in style or in the latest magazine, doesn’t mean YOU have to use it. You live in the space and have to be comfortable.  Show off a collection or antique.  If you love it, it will fit in your home…somewhere.  Your home should be a reflection of who you are.  When people come to my home, they often tell me it is “So Me…”  or “Just how they imagined my house would look…”  I take that as a compliment.

Your Home should be a reflection of YOU…

Don’t Match.  Don’t buy a matching set for a Bedroom…or Living Room.  1- It’s typically more expensive. and 2- It’s Boring.  Mismatched pieces are more interesting and typically less expensive.  Paint a piece or combine an antique with some new pieces.  Why not? My Dining Room Chairs were bound for the trash until I gave them a unified look…One Chair Two Looks {1}

Laugh Out Loud…

Add something in each room that makes you smile, giggle, laugh when you see it.  A sign with a quote, picture of your kids, a vacation moment, a random thrift store treasure or item given as a white elephant gift…We need more to smile about!  Plus, how fun to laugh or giggle or remember a special moment in each room of your home.  It doesn’t have to make sense or have meaning to anyone but YOU. Each of the photos on my Gallery Style Photo Board has a special meaning…I love that I can remember the story behind each photo whenever I look at them…Also works as an instant pick-me-up!Striped Gallery Style Photo Board

Expanding on what I just said…Add a conversation piece.  An item that gets attention, raises eyebrows, or brings on questions from guests.  This big metal “K” does all three…As does the wall of doors…Spring mantle{}

Color, Color, Color…

Don’t be afraid of some color.  Most new homes are a sea of beige.  If you’re afraid to paint the walls (or can’t due to lease agreements)…Add bright throw pillows on the sofa or tea towel in the kitchen.  Not only will it make the room feel more cheerful, but it will make you smile.  Simply covering (boy-proofing) my bar stools made a huge impact in my kitchen.Laminated barstool cushions I

Bring the Outdoors In…

Add live plants or fresh flowers if possible.  Plants feel fresh and cheerful and make for a healthier living environment.  They will help to lift a mood…even if you’re not aware of it.  Succulents are super popular right now and are super easy to take care of…I’ve only had one die on me and I always forget to water them.  So far so good on the Indoor Tabletop Garden I planted, although it is now in my kitchen window not on the table…
Indoor Garden with ombre polka dot pots

Think FREE…

Decorating your home and making it a place you love doesn’t have to be expensive!  So many of my furniture pieces were FREE…or close to it.  No kidding!  Paint does wonders.  When I bought my first home as young single teacher, I barely made enough to cover my house payment, bills and student loans.  I also had very expensive taste…still do.  You can have an expensive look without spending much.  I shopped thrift stores and the Curb (aka other people’s trash) and had a very cute home!  I still use many of those pieces in my home decor.  We’ve used many old doors in our current home…Partially we love the weathered look and character, but they were also inexpensive or FREE… His and Hers pillow covers made with a Sharpie!

Always a Plan B…

Don’t be afraid to try something.  I cannot tell you how many decorating ideas I’ve tried that looked amazing in my head, but looked awful in real life. I know you’ve heard this before, but think outside the box.  There’s always Plan B, right!  

Now that my decorating secrets are out…What are yours?

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    Wait, Mandy. Ariean guest blogs for you? This is like an explosion of awesomeness!! Crafts + home decor = I can’t handle it :) Love your style Ariean!! I call my style Country Luxe, but have yet to pull it off with two toddlers.

    Stay fabulous!

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