DIY Chalkboard Face In the Hole

this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own – this chalkboard foam board is amazing!
You know those boards where you stick your face in from the back to superimpose your head onto a fun image – I recently found out (thanks FB fans!) that they are called “Face In the Hole” or “Photo Stand-In”.  Anyways, I made some, and they are ah-mazing!  Instead of messing with a heavy piece of wood and power tools to cut the hole, etc, I used Foam Core Board from Elmers.  And even awesomer – it’s Chalkboard Foam Core Board, so we can change the boards over and over and over and over….

Seriously, we have had so much fun with these!  Drawing all sorts of pictures and whatnot.  The kids played forever with them, so it’s a win in my book for sure.  And since I used Chalkboard Foam Core Board, they are super simple to make.

The funniest ones are where it’s a big head and a little body – we laugh again and again with these.  And then of course you can draw your favorite characters…

or draw that you’re being eaten by a monster…

So, let’s get into the tutorial details.  To make these you’ll need:
–Chalkboard Foam Core Board
–Painters paint markers
–Exacto Knife or hot knife

First up, I free-handed a frame shape using the Painter’s markers:

Then I went over a few times to make it thicker and added embellishment.  I used Painters because that way you can redraw the character over and over with chalk, but the frame will always stay since it was drawn in paint.  Then I drew an oval for the head.  I guessed on size, then adjusted it. To cut out the circle, just use an Exacto Knife or a hot knife and go slow.

I wasn’t sure if the board needed “seasoned” with chalk or not, but I went ahead and did that, figuring it wouldn’t hurt.  I just lightly covered the whole board in chalk (use the side of the chalk) and then wiped it off:

Ah, now they’re ready for imaginations to take over:

I knew the kids would like drawing on them, but I didn’t realize how much they would like it.  Everyone got really into it, so it’s a fun time for all ages.

To erase the chalk and do a different drawing, we just used a dry towel and that worked really well.

I loved that these were so simple to make.  I also love how lightweight they are – the kids can handle them with no trouble.  Chalkboard Foam Core Board is the perfect thing for making these Face in the Hole frames.  Give it a try!

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    OMG! I love this!! I already tried to buy the board but my craft store didn’t have the chalkboard version. I was sad! This total made me laugh! I love it!!!

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    Hahaha what an awesome idea! I kind of wish I had this as a kid. I probably would have drawn myself as a Pegasus (I was a little obsessed with all equine things as a kid)

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    Love, love, love these!

    Thanks for sharing these – they will be perfect for some Summertime play time with the little ones.

    Can you tell me where the Chalkboard Foam Core Boards are sold?



  1. […] Okay, this is probably my favorite party idea! How creative are these? Totally perfect for any kids party, and will probably keep them entertained for awhile. Think of all the cute photos you can capture! And, PS, am I the only one who didn’t know they made chalkboard foam board?! This changes the game. Find the DIY tutorial at Sugar Bee Crafts! […]

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