DIY Confetti Balloons

Who want to take balloons to the next level – well really, who doesn’t!  I have a simple idea for you today – DIY Confetti Balloons – you just need a circle punch or a hole punch and some stickers or scraps.  It doesn’t get too much easier than that!
You will need:
–fun variety of vinyl (this is a perfect scrap-buster project!)
–Circle punches
Heads up, when I buy vinyl I order it from Expressions Vinyl – they’re my go-to and have a HUGE selection and the best price I’ve found. (that’s an affiliate link, but it really is where I buy my vinyl)
On to the project!
To start, simply punch out a bunch of vinyl circles.  Vinyl confetti!!  I liked having a variety of sizes.

To adhere the vinyl to the balloon, simply peel of the paper backing and stick onto desired spot – but don’t try to un-stick it, just in case.  I wanted it to look like confetti had dropped onto the balloons, so we only placed dots at the top of the balloon.  This is a great project that kids can help with – –

And that’s all there is to it!

It just adds a little bit of extra fun and pizzazz to plain balloons – for a party, or a gift topper, or just because.

Have fun making your own DIY Confetti Balloons! A simple project with a fun impact – my type of project!

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