DIY Statement Necklace from Thrifted Jewelry

Hi everyone! My name is Angela and I’m excited to be a style contributor here at sugarbee crafts. At my blog, Handmade in the Heartland, I show recipes, crafts and DIY projects, parenting tips, home decor ideas, lots of dessert recipes and the occasional fashion post. I’d love for you to pop over and see my blog. I’m very excited to show you how I made this awesome wood bead statement necklace from thrifted jewelry.  Lets get going…
I really like making jewelry because compared to sewing projects its relatively fast. Sometimes when I get an idea of what I want to create I get a little disappointed with how much it will end up costing after I buy the supplies. To remedy that problem I hit up my local thrift store and found several necklaces that were all made with different color and sizes of wood beads so i snagged them.  Depending on the prices in your area i would venture to say you can get more beads this way for a cheaper price than buying just the beads at a craft store, and repurposing is always fun. :)
The first step is to take apart the necklaces, i just cut them at a point and pushed the beads of the string into a ziplock bag.  Then i start to lay out the beads i think i’ll want to use on my jewelry board.  In addition to your thrifted beads for this project you’ll need:
- some type of clasp/closure for your necklace
- head pins
- eye pins
- flex wire
- chain
- crimp beads
In the photos below you can see the process of creating this statement necklace.  I started by stringing my first strand on wire and then at each end attaching it to chain with a crimp bead.  I then added eye pins at the center and then going up each side in three spots.  I added a few beads to the eye pins and then using my needle nose plies curled the ends in an eye.  Using the same flex wire i continued to string beads and attach them to the necklace using the eye pins, draping the beads from pin to pin. 
I love a big statement necklace and how it can totally transform an outfit.  I also love getting creative and coming up with the design on my own.  So go thrift some jewelry, take it apart and let your creative juices start flowing! 

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