Felt Fox Brooch

felt fox brooch with free template
Hi Sugar Bee Craft Readers!  It’s Nancy from www.dosmallthingswithlove.com back again this month with more felt craftiness.  I love the time I spend here and am so grateful that Mandy continues to have me here. 
Today I have a very easy and quick felt project: Felt Fox Brooch.  There is just a little bit of stitching in this project and I have created a free template for you so I bet that if you wanted you could make this little brooch in 10 minutes of less.  Seriously.
I created this project because I think that the look of a fox is just so charming (is that odd?).  I would never ever want to spend much time with a real fox, but I a love everything decor/clothing that is fox.  They just have a folksy look to them, and I dig folksy.  How do you feel about foxes?  I hope good, cause that’s what we’re talking about today!!!
Ready to get started?  Great!  Below is a small image of the template.  Because this is a simple project, so is the template.  Just follow the link and print it out on regular paper.  The link to the PDF is located below the image.
fox broach
Once you have the template, it’s time to gather your supplies and get to work.  Here is a list of what you will all need:
  1. Felt (I used 100% wool felt, but acrylic will work) in orange, black and white
  2. Embroidery thread in orange, black and white.
  3. Bar pin
  4. Hot Glue

Like I said, this is quick and easy.  The first step is to cut out the pieces of felt you need.  You will need to cut out one of each shape, except 2 eyes (the little circles) and 2 face pieces.  Once you have all of your felt pieces cut, here’s how to complete your felt fox brooch:

felt fox brooch how to
  1. The first step is stitching on the fox’s white cheeks.  Take one of the orange fox faces and place the cheeks in place, flat edge up.  They will slightly overlap in the middle.  Then, sew in place with a running stitch and white embroidery thread, one thread.
  2. Next, sew down the black nose and eye circles with black embroidery thread.
  3. Finally, grab some orange embroidery thread, 3 strands, and, placing the other face piece behind, stitch all the way around the fox face with a blanket stitch.  Use a straight pin to hold in place while you are stitching.
felt fox brooch back
As a final step I hot glued a bar-pin to the back.
felt fox brooch
See, told ya it was simple!  And now, you are not only foxy, you have a fox brooch to prove it!  
Thanks again to Mandy for having me.  I will be back again next month with another fun felt project.  See you then!
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