Girls on the Run and LEGO® Friends

We love LEGO.  And so of course we love LEGO® Friends.  I bet you do too!!

We are over-the-top into LEGO®  – we have vacationed so that would could check out Legoland California.   We have a Discovery Center by us.  The movie was amazing.  We are fans.  Actually probably fanatics.
I just love LEGO® and LEGO® Friends because they encourage such creativity.  Kiddos have to use logic and reason to build and explore.  Whether they are following kit directions or building their own creation, it’s an amazing skill to develop.  And then my kids take it to another level as they play with what they constructed – they love to create stories and scenes and even make videos with everything.

Another thing we love is Girls on the Run – I don’t think I ever posted about it (maybe I did?!), but in the fall my daughter particpated in that program and it was AMAZING.  I was super impressed with how it gave girls confidence and self worth – for me, the running was just a side highlight of what they girls actually gained from the experience.  For example, for one practice, they wrote positive words about themselves on sticky notes – then they would run and stick a note to another girl, then run and stick the next note to the next girl, etc, sharing those positive attributes.   

So I’m pretty excited that  LEGO® Friends has teamed up with Girls on the Run® (GOTR).  Both inspire girls everywhere to achieve their limitless potential, so it’s a perfect match.   With GOTR, the season ends with a big 5K that you can run with your mom (I didn’t realize I had to run with her until AFTER she started the season!) – – to see all these girls accomplishing a big goal of completing a 5K was amazing.
And like I mentioned, both things help girls achieve limitless potential and gain pride in accomplishment.  I love them putting together LEGO® Friends sets and building the outcome they envision.

It’s a fun activity to work on together and as a family.  Did you know:
According to research from The LEGO Foundation, children learn about themselves, others and the world through play. LEGO building is one of the few play patterns capable of channeling creativity towards solving specific questions or problems and into different unique expressions, giving form to our imagination, feelings and identities. Construction play makes it possible to harness curiosity and playfulness simultaneously in pursuit of learning and creativity. 

And the sets are awesome – they want to collect them all!

My girls are currently making a video using the set about (we have this awesome app for 
Stop Action video that is super user friendly) – I love to see their creativity shine through!  They made this together, all by themselves – enjoy!

And you can check out this one that we made of the Harlem Shake (remember that?!) – – I love the creativity of LEGO®!!

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    Hi, Mandy. I love your blog. Thanks for the great info. I didn’t know about GOTR. I don’t know if you have any control over the ads on your sidebar, but I found it weird that there is an ad for men to meet and date Asian women on there right now. Not that I’m against it, but it doesn’t seem to fit the content of your site. Just an observation. Keep up the super-cute posts. Love your ideas!

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    Thanks so much for the heads up Laura – I had no idea! I often see different ads than others – right now I’m just seeing GoPro camera ads…. I’ll look into it!

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