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Hi again! I’m the Preschool Contributor: Sarah from All Things with Purpose
where my friend Julia and I blog about homeschooling, parenting,
marriage struggles, crafts, sewing and diy.
If you have a hyper preschooler, you value a good activity
that holds their attention for more than 10 minutes…
and score *bonus points* when it’s educational!
I’ve also learned from working with my older kids that a solid grasp
of basic preschool concepts make things way easier for them as they
learn to read and advance into other grades.
This is a great activity that solidifies the uppercase and lowercase letter concept.
Keep your preschooler engaged for AT LEAST 5 minutes… maybe even 10!
This printable activity pack will teach:
- Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
- Matching Skills
- Color Sorting
- Fine Motor Skills
Print on cardstock or paper and store in a file folder to pull out
whenever you need a quick educational activity.
This is great for homeschooling or reinforcing a concept
your preschooler is learning at school!

Download it now for free HERE

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and encouragement for parents of preschoolers losing their minds
struggling to keep them busy and engaged without destroying the house
running out of things to do :)
How can someone so small and adorable be so destructive??
This is Olivia. Child number 3 that clogged the toilet and put a hole in the ceiling.
Yet melts our hearts with a single smile and bat of the eyes!

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