WIWW – pixie hair!

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I have a new profile pic!
And it ties in with What I Wore Wednesday – because it’s what I’ve been wearing lately – a pixie cut!

This cut has been on my mind for a while – I’ve never gone this short, and everyone has to try it once, right?!

I’m pretty liberal with my hair and have had a lot of {bad-ish} looks over the years, which can kind of be seen in my flag shirt collage of awesomeness:

ANYWAYS, I normally run with pretty short-ish hair, bob length.  Before this cut, it was past my shoulders which is the longest it’s been in my entire life.  Several months ago, I had curled my long hair for church.  As I looked in my mirror I thought “I turned in to my mom!” – she has long hair and curls it every Sunday.  And bigger news that I’ll go into detail later, we’re moving by my parents.  And I didn’t want to come in as the “mini-me”.  So I decided I needed to do something drastic – pixie cut, here I come.  I waited a few months and then took the plunge.

The funny thing is that I cut my hair to NOT be like my mom – – and then it was pointed out to me that my mom had a really short do once… and I did the math… and she was exactly my age when she had it cut short.  Of course.

Oh, and I knew it was time for me to try a pixie cut because I heard that the Pixie was the Cut of 2013.  And I’m always about a year behind on the cool thing to do, so perfect.

I gathered together pics that I saw via my blog feed and instagram:

 They’re all basically the same cut.  My stylist did a great job looking over the pictures to really get to know what I wanted.  My two most favorite were the top left and Jennifer Lawrence (and I may need to go blonde this summer…) but I love Cheri and WhippyCake’s too.  The one on the bottom left was to put an example of what I didn’t want – I don’t love how hers is long-ish in the back.

Anyways, so I just jumped in and did it!  I stuck with the same color, but the red had faded out a little – -

 So there ya go!  Hair always grows back, so it’s fun to experiment and try new styles.  So far I’m loving it – long hair was kind of driving me crazy, so I was ready for a change.  I have kind of a crazy wave in the back, which I normally beat down with a straighter, but with this cut I just let it add “texture and depth” to the back and don’t worry about it, which is nice.

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