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I might have let it slip here before, but did you know that we’re building a house.  Like, “grab a hammer, let’s build a house”.  I plan to do a full post on all the details, but today I want to talk about how we love to involve our kiddos.  We love to do work together as a family and then reward the end of the day with treats – lately we discovered Fruttare Fruit Bars – yum!

Right now it’s more land prep than house prep – we’re excited to be moving out on acreage.  The kids have helped with installing our driveway, planting trees, and just yesterday, building a bridge across the creek down in our woods:

We involve the kids by giving them age-appropriate tasks so they can be involved and feel accomplished.  Passing boards, holding nails, digging, etc.  I want them to feel some ownership in the project, so they can look back later and say “I helped build that bridge!” and later “I helped build our house!”

All in a Day’s Work – – and as you know, we love treats.  So we end our work with treats.  I think bringing in treats into the day makes for a great reward for hard work.  The kiddos gave thumbs up to Fruttare Bars – super yummy!

I loved how they were easy and delicious.  The perfect treat to end a day of working out at our land.  But really, the perfect treat to end any day!  I grabbed them while I was at Wal-Mart, and you can find them there or at many other stores nationwide.

It was a great way to wind down a day, with a treat and a little reading before bed (our first grader has a book we have to read as a family, and we’re behind!  trying to fit it in every chance we get…)

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