AWESOME Glitter Chalkboard, and Silhouette DEALS

Have you ever used double-sided adhesive pages?  They are a DREAM for glitter!  it’s the secret behind these super-crisp glitter lines – check it out and be amazed:

Specialty Media is 25% off right now with the code “SUGARBEE” – if you don’t have a cutting machine, you could grab some Double-Sided Adhesive and even hand-cut it if it’s not an intricate design.  Or better yet, you could grab yourself a whole machine bundle, because there’s a deal running this week, just head here: Specialty Media Bundle Deals

I used it to make this AWESOME Glitter Chalkboard:

The awesome part stays in it’s glitter and then you can change up the message on the chalkboard part of it.  We’ve had a lot of fun with this project.  And my preschooler wanted to pose with every sign we made – here’s a sampling….

So, let me show you how to work with these Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets…
First, cut your design.  You want the yellow side down and the white side up:

My design wasn’t connected, so I need to figure a way to transfer it.  I peeled the background away and let my design adhered to my cutting mat:

Then I pushed transfer tape down on top of the design and slowly peeled it up.  The transfer tape ensured that the design stayed spaced correctly, etc.

 Then I was ready with my chalkboard and glitter:

I carefully peeled the yellow backing off of the adhesive cutout.  Be sure not to peel off the sticky part – you want JUST the yellow layer.

 Then you will flip your whole design over and stick it into place:

Then pull off the transfer tape.  After that, pull off the white backing from the top of the letters.  You can see how it leaves the cut adhesive behind:

I used the Silhouette glitter for most colors – it is AWESOME glitter – so fine and powdery!

I sprinkled and spread a different color on each letter.  Rainbow order, of course:

 That’s it!  Stand back and admire those crisp glitter lines!!  And…

Here’s a fun image collage for pinterest, if you’re the pinning type :)

 You can find other projects and tutorial for Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait HERE – enjoy!

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