Craft Your Flip Flops

There is just something super fun about crafting, am I right?!  I’m sure I could have found striped flip flops, or polka dot ones, but I just love the process and creativity of crafting them myself…  these are so fun!  Whether you plan on hitting the beach soon, or just rockin summer where you’re at, how about making some fun flip flops.  This would also make a great kids craft or summer group activity – I’m sure your mind is already spinning with options.

Let’s get to the tutorial and how to make these!  here’s for you that like to pin collages….

You’ll need:
–Flip Flops (mine were $1 each pair)
–Painters Marker Pens (I was sent these from Elmer’s, but I am a HUGE fan – I use them all the time for tons of stuff – love how they are really paint, in a pen – it’s better than a marker)

There is not much to this tutorial – – you just draw your design however you’d like.  That’s it!

For some of the flip flops, I pulled the strap out to get around it.  But on some I left it in, so you can do whichever you’d prefer:

Another trick is to test you color – you never know how the painter will show up on the flip flop.  For example, I wondered if hot pink would show up on the fuchsia sandal (it didn’t, fyi) – – so I tested the color – on the bottom.  That way it’ll just rub off with use.  You get to test it without messing up your design on the top side.

I just freehanded everything – asterisks, dots, lines, stars, etc.  I stuck with one color per sandal set, but it would also be fun to mix it up a little or use multiple colors.

 That’s it!  wear them proudly and show off your creativity – you can for sure do this project!  Give it a try!

I know you’re going to ask about wearability, and I’m not sure about that yet – – I haven’t had them long enough to give you great feedback.  I’ve worn the turq pair once, and so far so good, if that helps.  I’m sure eventually the design might wear off, but the fun was in creating them, so I’m totally okay if they wear over time.
Want Trevor’s take on this craft??  Here ya go:

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