DIY Initial Charm Necklace for Cheap

I love the whole monogram and letters and initials craze right now – I just love personalized things, so I’m on board.  When I saw the initial necklaces floating around, I wanted one… and you know me, I’m all “I could totally make that!” and for super cheap – I’m guessing it’s just about $1 per necklace, probably less.  And I have a tutorial to show you how to make one for yourself.

This is extra fun because it’s our anniversary coming up – yep, anniversaries can be an excuse to craft :)   We’re hitting 13 years of wedded bliss  – moral of the story, blind dates work (you can read My Love Story (and Trevor’s Version) if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

If you’d rather buy one, just start browsing Etsy (like this one below) – there are lots of cute options.  But if you want the accomplishment of making one, keep on reading.

Tiny Initial Necklace  Silver Initial Necklace  by powderandjade

I hear people like long step-by-step images for pinterest, so here’s that if you’re looking for one of those:

This all started when I saw these super cute wood letters in the scrapbook section of Michaels and I knew they could be used for something awesome.
So for this project you’ll need:
–small wooden letters (think scrapbook section) – 2 packages
–wood glue
–Painters pen or paint

First, dig out your letters.  If they’re not the popular letters, you’ll need 2 packages because you need 2 of each initial.

They are pretty thin, so to be able to drill through the side they’ll need to be thicker.  Hence needing two of each initial – you are going to use the wood glue to glue them stacked together.

Let the wood glue dry completely.  (I waited overnight).  Then you are going to use a tiny drill bit and drill through the side – you can do this!

I used a vice drip thing to hold the letter, and then I just went slowly but firmly.  The key is to stay centered.

Next up, painting!  I went with silver to give the wooden letters a metallic look.  I was afraid that regular paint would clog up the little holes I drilled, so I used a Painters marker, and that worked pretty good.

Now, the hole is pretty little – – I found a tiny chain that would fit, but the metal oring thing on the end was too big, and it wasn’t removeable.  I squished it flat with my pliers, pulled the chain through the letters, then opened the circle back up.

And that’s it!  I thought about giving it a coat of clear spraypaint, to seal the wood, but I forgot.  But it seems like it would be a good idea.

Just ignore my neon pink nails… I took this pic right after returning from a blog conference where there was an 80s party….

True story – – my kids have “jobs” or chores, each day after school.  But when I want one of them to take some pictures for me, I let them count it as one of their jobs, in place of one they don’t want to do…  whatever works!  So, pics courtesy of my 5th grader:

 You can make this Initial Craft Necklace – really!  Go give it a try!
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