How to Make Clay Pinwheel Earrings

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and the project are my own.

I have a fun and simple project – perfect for summer!  Try your hand at working with clay (it’s easy! you can do it) and make some Clay Pinwheel Earrings – – I used Premo Clay from Sculpey and it was awesome.

Cute, right?!  I just love how fun and simple these are – -

If you’ve never worked with clay before, no worries.  Premo makes it easy – the clay is great to work with.  And they even have some awesome tools to use if you’re wanting to make round beads.

Let’s get started.  You’ll need:
–Premo Clay
–Dangle earring posts
–paper for template

First choose your colors – I’m weak for a rainbow collection:

 Then cut a square out of a piece of paper – this will be your template.  Mine was 1/2in by 1/2in because I wanted small pinwheels so that if my girls wanted to wear them, they could and they wouldn’t be huge.

Pinch off a piece of clay and knead it to soften it up.  Roll it out.  Using your template, cut around the square with a knife:

 Then you’ll cut in from each corner, not quite to the middle:

You then fold up one side of each corner and firmly push it into the middle.  That will form the pinwheel shape.

Next cook in the oven to harden the clay, according to package instructions.  My clay was pretty thin, so 30 minutes was too long – see the crispy pinwheels on the left :)   I redid those ones and got the pinwheels on the right – perfect – it was about 8 minutes.

Then I used super glue to adhere the pinwheels to the earring platform.  I hung them off the edge of foamboard to dry:

You can put them on a small cardboard earring card and give as a gift – so cute and perfect:

 That’s it!!  See, you can do this!  It’d even be a fun craft for girls to do in a group of friends.  Grab some Premo Clay and get started  – – -

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  1. says

    Mandy those are too cute! I love all of the different colors that you used. I had so much fun playing with my Premo Sculpey. I used the silk screening kit and was surprised how easy the clay and kit were to use. My 5 year old daughter even got in on the fun.

    Thanks for sharing such a cute idea. I know what’s next on my list to make with my Premo Sculpey.


  1. […] Out of the traditional stuff this time. I remember when we were used to play with clay when we were kids, but never imagined that they can be used for decorative items. Well, this is not a home decor item but a simple earring which decorate your face. The earrings are easy to make. You can find the instructions with pictures at SugarBeeCrafts. […]

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