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Yesterday was our last day of school.  If it weren’t for tons of snow days earlier in the year, my kids would have been out last week.  Anyways, my oldest ended 5th grade – which means he’s moving on to middle school – what?!  When did I become old enough to have a middle-schooler?

With the big “end of elementary school” for him and his classmates, there were lots of various fun things going on – assemblies, parties, etc.  The theme for it all was “Kid President”.  Apparently he’s a YouTube sensation – I thought I knew all the YouTube sensations, but I had to look him up.  Once I did, I recognized him and I was on board with his awesome messages.

I was showing my kiddo how to design a quote for a tshirt – then he informed me that he had missed the deadline to submit a tshirt idea, so oh well.  But now we have some fun printables to share, so bonus for you!

Give the World a Reason to Dance - Kid President Printable

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  1. Katlyn Lewis says

    Hi, I am making a Kid President bulletin board for my classroom. I am looking to print some of his quotes and LOVE these. Do you have any tutorials on how to make printables like this on my own for some of his other quotes?


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