Mini Frame Fridge Magnets

I am in love with today’s project – – Mini Frame Fridge Magnets!  They’re a simple craft where you can let your personality shine through.  I went with the fun bright colors, but it’d also be super awesome in black and gold or even some patterns.  It just adds so much personality in the kitchen in a spot where it’s a little unexpected – like fridge bling :)

In case you are the pinning type, here’s a collage for that:

So, let’s get started with the tutorial!

First, you’re going to need some mini frames.  I was sent mine from Cut It Out Frames to use on this post, but obviously I love them and recommend them.  I’ve used their frames in the past as well.  I just love the awesome shapes.  I picked a variety, a couple of each type of frame, in the 2.5 x 3.5 Single Frame section.

Then paint the frame.  I used craft paint, but in the past I have used wall paint.  Just whatever I have sitting around, brushed on.  I painted on two coats.

 Since I used craft paint, I thought it would be beneficial to seal in the color, so I after the color was dry, I used a clear spray paint as a topcoat.

To print the pictures to the correct size, I just made myself a template (I use photoshop elements) that was a 4×6 picture with an opening in the middle sized to 2.5 by 3.5 – then I dropped my pictures in and printed the 4×6 pics and then cut off the outside border.

Now that you have your pictures in the frames, time to attach the magnets.  I used hot glue, of course!

Prepping all the frames – having a bunch is what lends to the awesome impact.

Another shot of the back – I put 2 magnets on each frame, but I’m planning on adding 2 more (I ran out of magnets) to make sure they stay stuck to the refrigerator.

 See how awesome they look on display!!

With the magnets on the back, the frames have a 3-dimensional look and pop off of the fridge – love that:

They’re so cute, I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

 And my photography assistant, aka, button addict:

I hope you enjoy these Mini Frame Fridge Magnets as much as I do.  I’m actually going to give them to my mom for Mother’s Day (this is the test to see if she reads all the way to the bottom of my posts…) – so I think they’re a great gift as well as something awesome to keep for yourself (I think I need to make myself a set!).

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    sure! they are “Craftsmart” brand from Michael’s and I can’t find the green, but the others are “plum”, “bright magenta”, “ocean breeze” and “orange”. Have fun making yours!


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