Mother’s Day – Get in those Pictures!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy your kiddos – they’re amazing.  And so are you.   All I used to want on Mother’s Day was my own time, but as I settle in to the role of motherhood, I realize it’s awesome to let the kids just hang out and be there – kids are awesome. (although I still like my own time too!)

Anyways, it’s that time of year – – each year on Mother’s Day, I have a friendly public service announcement -
MOMS: Get IN Those Pictures!
It’s a good reminder to me, each year around this time, to recommit to being in pictures with my kids.  Also to take a picture with each child individually – they’ll thank you later.  Even if it’s windy.

Reasons for this Public Service Announcement:

  • Moms are often the ones taking the pictures – which means they’re not in them.
  • Moms delete pictures where they don’t look great – really, your kids don’t care!  In fact, they probably think it’s more “normal” to see a picture where I’m not dressed up with makeup, because that’s how they see me everyday.
  • What will happen when your children grow up and have no pictures of themselves (individually) with their mom?

You can read my post last year about Mom’s Getting Into Pictures, it’s longer and more detailed, and contains the story that I read that made me motivated years ago to be in pictures with my kids – it’s inspiring!

Your Amazing - Birthday & Mothers Day Card

Recapping years past

This is a shot of what was the most recent picture of myself with each individual child at the time – – some of the pictures were WAY old, which was a kickstart to me to realize I need to be in pictures more:

In addition to remember to take a posed picture with each child, be sure to just capture yourself  playing and having fun with your kids – – this means asking someone around “hey, can you take a picture for me?” so you can be IN the pictures of activities, not just documenting them.  I need to do better at this.

Also, here’s a great video to share – it’s just a couple of minutes long, and it’s great:

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    Thank you for these posts and the encouragement over the years to do this. Because of you I started doing photos on Mother’s Day with my children a couple of years ago. (Yes, I’m usually the one taking the pictures–so true!) Thank you for the idea–it’s been a good thing for us!

  2. says

    Such a great reminder. My mom hated/hates having her photo taken – I swore that I would always be in the pictures with my kids, and I have held true to that promise

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