Printable Recipe Cards

Hope you all are having a fabulous May! It’s Carissa again with another Free Printable! I finally started working on another one of those projects that has been on the back of my mind, for about, I don’t know, 2 years or so…It’s to get all my family’s favorite recipes into one place for my mom and for my siblings who haven’t left the house yet. I looked into options about publishing my own cookbook with a photo book or doing a spiral-bound book or even an e-book. After weighing all the pros and cons of each option, it all came down to what was the easiest to add to and replicate. And that was to just type the recipes onto cards and then put them in a 3-ring notebook or recipe box. There are so many adorable cards you can buy, but I wanted something more personal. Lucky for you, I’m sharing those printables with you today!

I’m also trying something new, an editable pdf, where you can type up the recipes right in Adobe Reader before you print them. You are also welcome to just print them and then hand write your recipes. Please let me know if you notice any issues with editing them. Since this is my first time, I’m sure we’ll run into a couple of hiccups along the way.

Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards

Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards

Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards
I also rounded up a couple of my favorite recipe boxes. They make a great birthday/anniversary/wedding gift. 
Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards

Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards
Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards

Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards
Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards
Lacquer Box {Sooo cute! only $120!! I would just DIY!}
Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards
Speaking of DIY. {Thanks Shayna!}
Carissa Miss: Printable Recipe Cards
I have been finishing a bunch of projects on my to-list this spring! Come read about my FROZEN dresses I made for my daughter
Carissa Miss: How to sew a Disney Frozen Elsa Dress

Carissa Miss: How to sew a Disney Frozen Anna Cape
I also have been beautifying some furniture that was destined for the trash
Carissa Miss: Ugly Laminate bookshelf turned shabby chic
And last but not least, getting ready for the summer race season! Join me for a FREE 30 day Health Challenge I’m hosting with Totally Healthy Recipes!
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  1. says

    WOW! How funny Carissa!! I was thinking the SAME thing re: recipes. I wanted to make a book/box/collection of Family Favorites for my Daughter, now that she is out on her own, collected from as many family members as possible. I emailed, texted, wrote many members of my family including but NOT limited to, aunts, cousins, nana, Grans, bro’s/sis’s, etc for any recipes they do/would cook again & again for their own families. When I explained what this was for, I got MANY requests to duplicate this for others as they hadn’t thought of doing such a thing. It is not a project I had/have rushed, as this is just like a slow cooked “specialty” dinner! I had not yet found just the right card/cards for the recipes & think these may be the ones!
    And the variety of boxes you show are so amazing, especially the wood etched one, AWESOME! Thank you for your time & effort AND for sharing such w/ the rest of us who may not be so clever!! {US, meaning ME}. Also, I LOVE your “Frozen” dresses & that adorable bookshelf! Well, I’m off to check out your blog, Thanks again for sharing!!!

  2. Kay says

    I LOVE these and I have been searching the internet for an editable card. Thank you! I am hoping you can help me customize it a little more. I dont know how to make these if you could share some guidlines that would be great. I am in bed for medical reasons and trying to use my time wisely and will be redoing my cook books, I have my grandmas, mother in laws, my, and other families recipes to retype (thanks to my OCD) and organize. I am super excited about this project and would loe any help I can get. I would like a card that has a space for the following:

    Recipe Name:
    Cook Time:
    Prep Time:
    Suggested Sides:
    I look forward to any help I can get. Thanks!!!! Again your cards are adorable!!!!!!!


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