SNAP – WIWW and What I gave out (Business Card Awesomeness)

As you know (or maybe you don’t?!) I was away at SNAP a week or two ago – and it was awesome.  And I’ll recap it sometime – like what I learned, etc.  But today’s recap covers other things – What I Wore and What I Gave Out!  And Guess what – – there’s a giveaway at the end of this post… so keep reading…

First up, WIWW – – I should have made the effort to take outfit pics, but I scrambled and found these few…

There were a couple of 80s themed events…  I went “80s inspired” and it was a little disturbing when I realized how much 80s stuff there is in the stores right now.  It’s back people, it’s back.

One day I wore camo pants paired with ankle boots, which I would have never put together but One Little Momma talked me into it, and I embraced it.  Yes, I have to call for help when planning outfits.

The last day I wore a lace zipper top and some mint jeans – mint is still in (or so I hear). I decided I needed a lace shirt the day before I left and sewed one up last minute – cause I’m crazy. I also rocked the ankle boots with pjs, but that’s probably not a look you wan to repeat.

Now – – another aspect of SNAP – Business Cards!  There was even a business card competition, so you can image all the awesomeness that was passed around.

I am in love with a new business card company…. Oubly.  And they’re amazing.
Honestly I was a little hesitant to go with a company that I hadn’t heard of… but I gave them a try and they sent me some cards.  I fell in love and ended up purchasing another whole set.  They are awesome.

Kim of 733Blog fame designed my cards for me – I really wanted to showcase my projects because I feel like that’s what everyone knows me by – so a collage on the front was perfect.  And I wanted to include my headshot this time around – I love when other people do, because again, I know people by their headshot, so if I don’t recognize them in real life, I might when I see the picture I know.

What I love about Oubly?!  Hands down, the quality.  The cards are so so thick – they just feel awesome.  There is a premium painted edge that makes them stand out and makes people take notice.  They come in a cute and handy box.  I got TONS of compliments on them.

And yes, Oubly is giving away some gift cards to their site – – 3 people will win a $30 gift card. 

1. Entry is open to all U.S. residents excluding Alaska and Hawaii. (We cannot ship internationally or to Hawaii and Alaska)

2. Entry is open to all persons over 18 years old.

3. Coupon code can not be combined with other gift codes, or other promotions.  

4. Unless notified in writing, reserves the right to use the client’s printed images for advertising purposes. We may take pictures of printed orders or write articles about the printed piece and distribute the images or articles through social media channels, blog networks, showcase the printed pieces in other advertising channels, and’s web pages.

Use rafflecopter below to enter:
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    I keep hearing great things about Oubly…and I do love the fun edges! Thanks for sharing your review and for the sweet giveaway. And as always, you rock the best outfits. ;-) Great post!

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