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Hello there Sugar Bee Crafts readers! It’s Ariean from One Krieger Chick again with another fun Home Decor idea.  Do you love where you live?  I sure do…Not that I know any different because I have lived in Missouri my whole life.  It’s about time I created something for my home showing my State Love…don’t you think? Make it Yourself State Love Pillow for any state I kept mine simple because it is mixed in with bright pillows.  Also, there is a whole lot of fun texture… Let’s get started…

What You’ll Need:Velveteen State Love pillow- Supplies needed{Pillow cover, State template, Velveteen fabric paint, colored fabric paint, paint brushes, and a pencil.}
First, Wash, hang dry, and iron pillow cover. I skipped this step because I was in a hurry, but it does make a difference. 
Then, create a template of your state.  I cut mine out on my Cricut, but it would be just as easy to find a picture of your state online, print it, and cut it out.
Lay the template onto the pillow cover and position it where you like.Velveteen State Love pillow templateTrace around template with a pencil and place apiece of cardboard inside pillow cover.  This will keep paint from seeping through to the other side.
Velveteen State Love Pillow- ready for paintNext, paint an outline of Velveteen paint just inside the template.
Velveteen State Love Pillow- painted outline
Fill in outline of state with paint.  I painted two coats, but think three coats would make it just that much better.
Velveteen State Love pillow-paintedAllow paint to dry at least four hours.  I let mine dry overnight.
To create the Velveteen effect, use the iron on steam setting.  Hover iron about a half inch over Velveteen painted surface with steam on.  You’ll be able to see the effect almost instantly.
Velveteen State Love Pillow- Steaming
 The outside edge has been steamed, but not the middle…See the difference?
Velveteen State Love Pillow- two stagesKeep doing this until the entire surface puffs up.
My heart is in the Kansas City area of Missouri, so I drew a heart near Kansas City.
Velveteen State Love PIllow- Heart for Home
 Then, I filled in the heart with gold fabric paint.Velveteen State Love Pillow- gold painted heart
Allow to dry and you are all done!Velveteen State Love Pillow I One Krieger ChickThis pillow could be re-created in so many looks…Different colored pillow cover, paint, etc…And can be made for any state!
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