Backyard Castle with Tour

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might remember that I’ve hinted in the past about the castle in our backyard – – it’s been done for a few years, but I never blogged about it.  So I thought I’d do that today – –

It was like one thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were building this giant structure.  But it’s super cool, and is all the talk of anyone who comes over to our house.

And guess what?! …..

get excited, because we’ve put together a VIDEO TOUR  – awesome! (this is actually from last year – note how my girls used to have long hair, but they don’t now…)

Alrighty, after taking the tour, you’re probably wondering – but why?!  So a little on the backstory.  The previous owners had a dog run in the backyard.  They took it with them, but that left a cement pad in the middle of the yard.
We thought it’d be nice to build a little shed to keep the lawn mower in, and then if we were going to build that, we might as well make part of it into a playhouse.  Well then, why not have a section where the kids could go out on the roof?  Of course, Trevor wanted to be able to stand in the shed part, so the roof was going to be taller than kid-playhouse height.  Trevor and a friend designed the plans, and they looked normal on paper.  When the building began, it looked huge, but we just went with it!

The “bricks” are coolest and I saw the idea long ago on a blog (if you which one, let me know!) – – it’s old cedar fencing, and each piece was cut and routered to look like a brick.  It’s my favorite part.  There’s also a turret in the front to climb from one level to another.  After my mom almost got stuck in the turret trying to coax a kiddo down from the top level, we added the ladder and slide platform to the back as a secondary way up.  There’s a little room on top, complete with a skylight.  The two top ends are open.

Trevor even installed hooks to set up our hammock out there – love it:

And that’s our castle!  We are moving soon (sniff sniff) and the castle is staying with the house.  But they have some kids who I know will love it like we have.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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