Chalk Foam Board Word Search

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I’m in love with Elmer’s Foam Chalk Board – like it’s one of my favorite things to craft with right now!  It’s so lightweight, and pre-chalkboarded, and I just love it.  Today I want to show you how I used it to make a fun outdoor game – think Backyard Party Awesomeness…  Foam Chalkboard Word Search:foam board chalkboard word search

So fun, right?!  The chalk foam boards come in a pack of 2, so I used one for the board and one to list all the words to find.  You’ll also need several sticker packs for this project.

elmers foam chalk board

I was inspired by the post over at Infarrantly Creative, so head over there for specific instructions.  I mixed it up in a couple of ways,  First, I used the foam board instead of a heavy chalkboard, which means you can easily hang it temporarily outdoors anywhere and that kiddos can carry it around.  Secondly, I used a mixed set of letters, so there are some uppercase and some lowercase, etc.  It’s a shiny gold sticker, which made it tricky to photograph.


To figure out the actual wordsearch, I just searched online for a free wordsearch generator and used that.  I simply plugged in the words I wanted (I went with a family summer fun theme – things we’re doing this summer, the kiddos names, etc) and then used that page as a template as I duplicated it in large scale.


Making it was actually a fun project in itself.  I had help(?!) from the kids – I would tell them which letter was coming up, and they would find it on the sticker sheets and hand it to me – it was a fun way to involve them.

wordsearch chalkboard

And of course there’s the fun of actually doing the Word Search – – it was meant for fun backyard fun, but of course it was raining!  So we moved it inside:

008 copy

Family fun, oh yeah!

jumbo word search

So grab yourself some foam chalk boards, and get started!!

outdoor wordsearch game

If you are looking for other projects with the Chalk Foam Board, check out my Face-in-the-Hole craft – – still one of my favorites!

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