DIY Custom Photo Keychain

Father’s Day is coming up and I have the perfect handmade gift for you to tackle!!  Because every dad needs a new keychain…

It’s funny to compare my set of keys to Trevor’s – his is very minimalistic, as you can see.  My is loaded with tons of awesome keychains (which annoy him when he needs to use my keys, of course!).  But even with the minimalistic approach, I think this Photo Tile Keychain fits the bill.

I have given this time and time again, and it’s always a hit.  And only costs a couple of dollars to make – yes, that’s right.  A Custom Photo Pendant!!

I’m sure you’ve seen it around.  But I’m putting an awesome twist on it for Father’s Day – – use the photo pendant on a keychain – yes!!

They are really easy to make – it just takes a few minutes.  If you don’t want to go with the photo route, you could always make one with his favorite car or whatever he might like.  I’ve written tutorials in the past:

Here’s How to Make a Glass Tile Pendant (the how-to of it all)
and here’s How to Resize an Image for a Custom Photo Pendant

Just popping in with short idea today, because it’s Sewing Camp week here at our house – it’s been great fun, but it’s sure labor-intensive and takes up previously-allotted blogging time.  One more day of kid-sewing awesomeness!

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  1. […] My dad travels a lot, so this is a way for him to always take his family with him. It’s a super easy DIY too and they are so cute. Even if your dad doesn’t travel, this is an easy gift that doesn’t bulk up the keychain a whole bunch. Also, you could easily give this gift every year so that he will always have recent pictures. They are super quick to make. I just sized my pictures and printed them. I put the holes where I wanted them to be and then put Dimensional Magic onto each picture. After they were dry, I cut some thick paper to the correct size and glued my pictures to it. I found it easier to put the Dimensional Magic on before the pictures were glued together, but you can definitely do it either way. There’s a great tutorial for this here. […]

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