I love searching hashtags and finding new people to follow via Instagram, but I never know which ones to search…. but then I got this awesome shirt  – Eat. Sleep. Craft.   And now I want it to be my life’s hashtag theme!  Here’s to an awesome WIWW – one of the best shirt’s ever, and my new sunglasses… (and a quick heads up – – So I Married A Craft Blogger is back at it…)Eat. Sleep. Craft.

It was a happy day when this awesome custom tee showed up in my mailbox from the equally awesome Kimbo of A Girl and a Glue Gun (and it came with tons more cuteness, including a glue gun necklace!) – – if you want to recreate your own, go beg her for the cut file and maybe she’ll share it with ya.  I love it because it’s perfect.  Also, I can wear it with yoga pants around the house (see above) or dress it up with floral jeans and head to a blogger outting:

floral jeans, eat sleep craft

I’m embracing that my hair has a mind of it’s own – it’s just too hot to straighten it all the time in the summer!  I’m also embracing these glasses I was sent from Firmoo… fun, right?!  You know I had lasik done a few years ago (best. decision. EVER!) and so when they contacted me about a review, I wasn’t on board, until I found out that they offer non-prescription glasses and sunglasses – perfect!  Check out their site – there are always lots of deals going on: Firmoo.com

20140612_191901 copy


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  1. Melissa says

    What a super cute shirt! And I’m so jealous of your hair! I love the waves! But isn’t that the way it goes–those that have straight hair want curly & those with wavy/curly hair want straight.

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