Mini Planter Display

So the other day I was at the store, and I wandered by these cactus….  they were whispering my name.  So cute and mini – how could I not come up with a craft to show them off?!  So I put together a tutorial on a mini planter display – and it’s cheap, and easy, and looks really cool:
This would make a great gift for anyone – teacher, neighbor, friend.  I, for one, would appreciate receiving a houseplant as hearty as a cactus (you know I kill plants easily….).  In fact, I hurried to do this craft right when I brought the plants home before I killed them enough that their blooms would fall off…  but when I was taking final pictures, it dawned on me that I could spot a couple of glue strings – I think the store totally faked me out with fake blooms – didn’t see that coming!  But it makes sense – why would all these different type of cacti have the same bloom…. but yep, I fell for it.
But anyways, let’s just pretend they’re real blooms.  So, on with the tutorial!
The first step is to paint mini pots with craft paint.  I think is a great project to involve your kiddo – they will be more vested in the project if they have contributed to it’s creation, and the teacher will love to display it knowing the child helped create it.
Next up is building the Mini Planter Display.  You will need a piece of wood, an electrical conduit pipe (just over $1, in the electrical section), brackets for the pipe (they’re right next to the pipes in the store), and screws.  Place your pots on the board to see how long it needs to be.  Cut 2 lengths of pipe the same length as the board.

Next snap the brackets onto each end of each pipe.  Screw into place directly on top of the board.  That’s it!  See, you can do this – -

Replant your mini cactus or succulents or plant of choice into the cute painted pots.

That’s all there is to it!

 It makes a great yet simple gift to give to show your appreciation for all that they do:

In case you need an aerial view:

Neighbors, friends, etc – a plant is the perfect gift for any occasion, especially a mini one – it’s just so cute!

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