Ribbon Shirt – with video tutorial

Before I had a craft blog, I had a small online shop where I made personalized ribbon shirts and onesies.  I of course can’t find any of those product pictures (and they probably aren’t that great anyway), but it’s still something I like to make for gifts and for just because – so cute!

Patriotic Ribbon Shirt

personalized ribbon shirt


Paired with a few accessories it’s even cuter!

Instead of embroidery, you can use heat transfer vinyl or even paint to get the name personalization.  Then I have a brief tutorial on attaching the ribbon:

how to make your own ribbon shirts

And it’s your lucky day – – it’s a VIDEO TUTORIAL!!

They’re always a hit!  And this time of year, I love this red and blue star ribbon – so cute!  You can make them for girls just as easily as babies.  Here’s one of the very first ones I made, back in 2007…

And then I whipped one up for my niece the other day…  it’s fun to see that my photography is stepping up a little over the years :)
make your own ribbon personalized shirtpatriotic ribbon shirt

Anyways, try making a ribbon onesie – so cute!!

ribbon shirt diy

I wish I could find all my product pictures from back-in-day, so you could see all the different ribbon options and options to place the bow, etc.  But just use your imagination and get creative – there are TONS of cute ribbon choices out there begging to be made and worn proudly.  Give it a try!

And if you love Patriotic Crafts video tutorials, here’s a whole group you’ll want to check out!



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