WIWW – Floral Knit Pencil Skirt

I am way behind – – I took a class LAST YEAR at SNAP(yes, 2013!) where I drafted my own pattern for a custom-fit pencil skirt.  I finally sewed it up ilast summer.  And now I’m finally blogging about it!

 This pattern was legit!  Like we had to measure ourselves then draw out the pattern based on our body shape – pretty cool.  Here we are, working hard on it – -

When I made it, I was unsure of how it would fit, etc, since I made the pattern myself and wasn’t 100% sure I’d trust myself.  So I used this odd floral knit that I had picked up as a tester, figuring it would be the prototype.  But guess what – – somehow that fabric turned awesome when it was made into a skirt – I ended up loving it and it fit great.  A keeper, first try!  And floral is a big trend this year – perfect.
I love that it’s a high-waist, like I wanted, and that it’s to my knee, like I wanted.  That is for sure the benefit of sewing – you get a custom item made just how you want it.  Since it was knit (aka, stretchy fabric) I didn’t need to put in a zipper or anything, so it was a pretty easy sew.

If you’ve never sewn a knit pencil skirt, give it a try!!

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