Yarn-Wrapped Monogram (neon style!)

I just love simple and quick craft projects in the summer – I think we all do!  I made some cute monogram letters (one for each of my girls) and I’m in love with them – check it out:

This is a great project for you or even to do with kiddos.  You can customize it with any color of yarn, although I’m partial to this color-changing neon (I know color-changing yarn has a name, but I can’t remember what’s it’s called – anyone know??).  Neon – it’s back!

Anyways, on with the tutorial:

First you’ll need supplies – – this past weekend was my birthday, and part of the fun day I was able to head in to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store, all by myself – what a treat :)
You’ll need:
–paper mache monogram letter (I used the 8 inch size, but any will work) – they’re the cardboard letter things
–hot glue and scissors

This project is pretty straightforward – – pull out your yarn and get ready:

Each letter will get wrapped a little differently, so you’ll need to figure out what’s best for your letter.  You might need to piece in some sections.  For example, for the “A”, I started by piecing the top with yard because I knew I couldn’t wrap that section.  You can use hot glue to hold the piecing down:

And then you can just jump in and start wrapping.  I secured my yarn occasionally with hot glue as I wrapped, but you won’t need to glue constantly because the wrapping should mostly hold itself into place.

You’ll need to hot glue the end when you’re all done.  I made sure the ends and cross-overs and any “messy” part of the wrapping happened on the back you can’t see them.

I made a monogram for each girl, but I think it’s also be cute to spell out a whole name or fun word instead of just limiting yourself to one letter.  And here’s a close-up of the “E”  – –

Since they’re 3-D, you can stand them on a shelf for display.  They add a fun pop of color:

So fun, right?!  I think this is a perfect summer (or anytime!) craft project!

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