Craftsy Class – Mastering Zipper Techniques

This post is sponsored by Craftsy, but all opinions are my own – – because I’m getting hooked on Craftsy!

Lately I have really loved video tutorials – are you hooked too??  Do you know about Craftsy?  They offer TONS of interactive online classes that never expire, including lots of FREE options (yes, FREE!).  And I’ve got a great free one I want to showcase for you today…  Mastering Zipper Techniques:


Let’s face it – if you’re like me and are a bit intimidated by zippers, then start in on this class.  It’s for us!

“Learn all about the tools necessary for your project, such as zipper feet, stabilizers and fusible web tape. Apply these zippers to a variety of garments, including those with linings and facings. Zip it good!”

videoStill 3

I can’t get over that this great high-quality step-by-step is FREE!  Everyone needs to head over there right now.  There are several interactive online classes in the course, so you can watch snippets here and there and not be overwhelmed with info all at once.


Are you still reading?!  you should be over there, starting up the class :)

But really – I feel like zippers is the thing about sewing that scares people – we all need to head over and see the tips and tricks so we can realize that we can do this!  I challenge you to take the class and then sew something with a zipper – and then email me and let me know!  I’d love to feature the things you make!

Get started here: Mastering Zipper Techniques

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