Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Bar Idea

Hi! I’m Britni from Play. Party. Pin. and I am excited to be Mandy’s newest party contributor. I love everything about parties and today I am going to share an easy idea for an ice cream cookie sandwich bar that’s perfect for summer parties!

Ice cream cookie sandwich bar ideas

I’m kind of an ice cream addict so when I found out July is National Ice Cream Month, I knew I had to do something fun to celebrate. One of my favorite ways to eat ice cream is sandwiched between two cookies. And one of my favorite ways to serve food at a party is with a “make your own” bar, so I combined those two favorites with this make your own ice cream cookie sandwich bar.

Cookie sandwich bar ideas

This is seriously one of the easiest things to put together. And it’s one that everyone loves because pretty much everyone I know likes ice cream, cookies, or both. All you need to do is buy (or make) a couple of types of cookies and a few flavors of ice cream. I like to choose a variety of colors and flavors and for this particular setup, I bought mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, vanilla, and rocky road ice cream – a little something for everyone. And for the cookies, I just went with standard chocolate chip, sugar, and M&M. Again, just trying to include a variety so that everyone can find something they like.

Ice cream cups and flavors


Stacked cookies for a cookie sandwich bar

A couple of hours before the party, I like to put individual scoops of ice cream into little cups so that I’m not scrambling around last minute scooping ice cream for everyone. To make it easier to store the scooped ice cream in the fridge until party time, I just put all of the little cups into muffin tins and put the muffin tin directly into my freezer.

Ice cream in muffin tins

Once guests arrive, or a few minutes beforehand, you can just pull out the muffin tin full of ice cream cups and put them on the table along with your selection of cookies.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Tower

And don’t forget to include some cute spoons and plenty of napkins! Ice cream cookie sandwiches are almost as messy as they are delicious, especially in the summertime when they melt fast.

Pink glittery spoons

Ice cream cookie sandwich

The last thing I love about this idea is that it really works for everyone. If someone doesn’t like cookies, they can just eat ice cream and vice versa. Or they can just eat the cookie with the ice cream, not sandwiched in between. You really can’t go wrong with letting someone build their own dessert.

Ice cream cookie sandwich cup


Ice cream cookie sandwich bar ideas

If you liked this idea, you’ll love my tips for creating a make your own mini pie bar! And while you’re at it, check out this delicious recipe for my most favorite soft molasses cookies ever. They would be delicious with some caramel flavored ice cream sandwiched in between.

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