Mini Spool Photo Holders

Recently I was sent a bundle of fun products from Michaels Craft Stores (all opinions are my own) and challenged to created something out of the products.  I love simple projects, and I love pics, so I combined the two to make Mini Spool Photo Holders:

pics display with spools

Recently I picked up a fun new toy for myself – – an Instax camera (I got it at Michael’s too!) – it’s like an old polariod, where it takes pictures and develops them instantly.  They’re super fun.  And I loved creating a project where I can display the pics from it.  You can also just print regular pictures or Instagram pics to display as well.

mini spool picture holder


The spools are part of the new line from Michael’s called Raw Bar – this is a sneak peek!  The line will be available August 8th: Raw Bar is a brand new line of products made of or accessorized by materials inspired by nature. Surfaces and textures include: burlap, cork, chalk board, wood, metal and canvas.  I’m probably most excited about those cork letters – super cool, right?!  Did you know, you can Buy Online, Ship to Your Local Store FREE via Michaels – love that!

raw craft line michaels

Now, on to the Mini Spool Photo Holders – –

photo display supplies

You’ll need:

–mini wooden spools

–craft wire (mine is copper, 20 gauge, found in the jewelry-making section)

–Tools: hot glue gun, wire snips, pics and markers if desired


First, clip the wire into desired length.  Mine were about 5 inches.  Then fill the hole in the spool with hot glue.  While it is still hot, insert the wire.  This will hold the wire in place:

spool hot glue filled

Then you’ll want to make a few loops in the end of the wire.  I did this by wrapping it around my finger:

copper wire loops

To hold a photo, wedge it into the loops.  You may need to adjust them tighter, etc:

mini spool photo holder

I thought I’d make the pictures a little brighter, so I used Painter’s Pens to decorate the edges:

decor on instax

That’s all there is to it!  Make a bunch for all those pics.  And they’re easy to update and switch pictures whenever

   instax instant camera pics display

spool photo holder copper wire

This little camera is so fun!  pics aren’t great quality or anything, but it’s just fun!  And it’s fun to have pictures printed right when you take them.  And the kids love to watch them develop:

instax mini photo display

instax mini spool photo holder

Looking for other great ideas of crafts you can make with the new Raw Bar line at Michael’s??  Check these out:

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