Neon Number Tee

Neon Number Tee!  so doable!  I must be on a DIY Tshirt kick – – 2 ideas this week!  This time it’s a fun number project, and a fun summer camp craft project, and well, just a fun project all-around.   Because everyone likes custom shirts and adding their own touch.

sprayed diy number shirts

The ever-popular pinterest images (I even gave you a couple of options!)

diy neon number tshirt      neon number tee simple diy make your own


So fun, right?!  Let’s go ahead and get started – – you’ll need:


–freezer paper stencil (I used my Silhouette to cut out the number, but numbers are simple enough that you can easily hand cut it

–fabric spray paint (you can find it at Michael’s or probably any craft store)

002 copy


Freezer paper is so fun to craft with because you can adhere it to fabric.  There is a bumpy side to it.  Make sure you trace your number and cut it out with the bumpy side down.  Then just place the stencil onto your fabric and iron it on – – the iron will heat up the bumpy side and temporarily stick it down to the fabric.

003 copy

Now the fun part!  Put newspaper or cardboard inside the shirt (so it doesn’t bleed through) and spray in the general area of the number.  I put our numbers on the side, but you can put it wherever you want.  In the picture below, the freezer paper looks black because it soaked in the spray of the fabric paint.

008 copy

011 copy 014 copy

That’s it!!  so fun, right?!  Neon Tees! (or was that Neon Trees….  )

neon number diy tshirt

I think they will be super-fun birthday shirts that can be worn and enjoyed all year round because they’re not too “birthday-y”.  My kids really loved help making them, which means that they’ll wear them and love to show off their creations.

make your own number tshirt

I kind of have a thing for number tees – – if you want more ideas in addition to the Neon Number Tee, check these shirt ideas out:

Bleach Number Shirt | Birthday Shirt | Bleach Racer Shirt


This project is part of a couple of super-fun roundups…

the #CreativeBuzz, where you can find tons  more cute number projects – –
9 Creative Number Themed Crafts #CreativeBuzz
1. Telephone Table Makeover by One Krieger Chick

2. Month by Month Picture Ombre Frame by Color Me Meg

3. Giant Flashcards Playroom Decor by Crafts by Courtney

4. Neon Number Tees by Sugar Bee Crafts

5. Soft Baby Blocks by seven thirty three

6. Number Wreath by Just Us Four

7. DIY Growth Chart by A Glimpse Inside

8. Back to School Countdown Printable by All Things with Purpose

9. #2 Pencil Treats by Made to be a Momma


and Craft Lightning Camp Crafts, where you can find tons of fun camp crafts that can be made in under 15 minutes:

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