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Telling time is an important Math concept that is typically introduced in Kindergarten. For the next several years more aspects are added. Telling time to the half hour, to the quarter hour and finally to the minute.

While I don’t expect my Pre-K child to be able to tell time, I do feel value in introducing the concept to him as early as possible. Here are some fun ways to do that.

Helping your Preschooler Tell Time


This silly and entertaining video is a great way to introduce your toddler to the appearance of digital numbers.


Shine Time is a fun, colorful folder game teaching time to the hour in our Kindergarten version or to the half hour in our First grade version.

I love the Melissa and Doug wooden clock pictured above. It’s perfect for allowing play time while getting your preschooler familiar with the numbers and layout of a clock. Let them play, but every once in a while show them the correct order the numbers should be in. Say “Let’s count! 1, 2, 3…”



In your regular play time, simply mention that the minute hand is longer and the hour hand is shorter. Point to the clock throughout the day and ask “What time is it?”

Don’t be surprised if one day your little guy proclaims, “Mom, it’s 1:00!!” On the other hand don’t expect your 3-year-old to start telling time. Introducing these concepts to your toddler will make learning to tell time much easier as they grow, and will make school seem fun and easy!!

Enjoy Playing!! ~Julia

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