Rainbow Triangle Pillow

I don’t do too much quilting, but I sure want to – I think I could be easily hooked! While at SNAP this past spring, I absolutely love the Sewing Room classes. I really enjoyed making this Rainbow Triangle Pillow (I want to plan all of my home decor around this pillow!)

quilted triangle rainbow pillow

You can see the “quilting” in the above picture – – quilting isn’t scary!    It’s just sewing on top of fabric – you can do it.  For this pillow, I just traced all the lines in the pillow, sewing slightly on the white fabric side of everything.  It ended up outlining all the white triangles.

rainbow hst pillow triangle

I love how it gradiates from one corner to the other, in rainbow order.  So fun and bright.  We used charm packs for the squares which meant that they were precut (awesome!).  And then you make a bunch of half-square triangles (that’s hst, for those in the know) and then you can arrange them however you want.  Then just sew the blocks into rows and sew the rows together.  SO many options.  Everyone in the class made a completely different pillow, and we all started with the same materials.  Amy from Diary of a Quilter did a great job hooking us all on quilting (image below is from her blog)

Mine was stuffed to the brim, and so it kept opening up in the back…  I finally got around to adding some buttons, and I love it even more now!

button pillow shut rainbow

Whenever I sew  a button hole, I feel like I’ve conquered the world!  They’re not super hard, but for some reason button holes are always intimidating, so I feel empowered when I sew them correctly :)

rainbow button envelope pillow closure

You can read my SNAP recap here, but as in previous years, I was stuffed to the brim coming back.  I had to dump a few things when I checked my bags because I was worried about being overweight on luggage.  The pillow for sure wouldn’t fit, but I just carried it on, which ended up being awesome and cozy for the flight home.


If you haven’t ever tried a project with half-square triangles, you should!  You’ll be hooked!!
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Have a happy Friday – – we’re off to dress like cows in hopes of free chicken sandwiches…

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